99% of clients we visit can improve profit margin and our goal is to make a business run lean and appeal to the widest audience possible.

With our wealth of industry knowledge we are able to offer a comprehensive and valuable consultative service.

Our approach is designed to be sensitive to the client’s requirements. We understand how important it is to fully recognise both the client’s needs, and constraints.

Our ‘health check’ is the perfect place to start, we audit all areas of the business so that it’s possible to compile a comprehensive report showing where improvements can be made. This covers everything from finances to brand awareness.

We look at the business from the customer’s perspective to give a fresh opinion on where improvements can be made. We also look at management structure and wage costs giving advice on industry standards.

Often putting together a ‘fresh’ business plan can be a valuable tool, with projected profit and loss figures, cash flow forecasts and set objectives for the business to meet in an agreed timeframe you can re-focus and track your progress.

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